Today’s Connected Workspace

The past two decades have seen a paradigm change in workplaces across the world. No longer are all workers in one room, one floor, one building or even one campus or city. Teams have spread across multiple locations, geographies, countries and time zones. These geographical and temporal distances have eliminated much of the physical proximity of the bygone era; have made collaboration a critical criteria for success and consequently have made communication skills an essential ingredient for success. Video conferencing, Discovery Sessions over Web Conferencing, Conference Call Meetings, etc. make speaking skills a must have for any participant to be able to participate and make an impact.

In spite of this, organizations do not have a conscious focus on enhancing these skills among their employees. Even the feedback related to the lack of these skills is sidelined to something that is not fixable and something that everyone has to just take in stride.

But, it need not be so.

If individuals and organizations accept the need for enhancing these skills and then channel their resources and energies in addressing the shortcomings, the results can have a tremendous positive impact on efficiencies and outcomes. Collaborations can become smoother, communications come with clarity, speakers on video and conference calls become more confident and teams are able to transform into winning teams.

YapWorks helps individuals and organizations in this transformation. We work with individuals, organizations, across geographies and time zones. Through our YapWorks – On My Mind Workshops, we identify the gaps in skill sets, we provide constructive feedback, we coach on addressing the gaps.

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Manoj Bidnurkar – CEO, YapWorks